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Where Luxury Meets Perfection

The epitome of Simplicity, Excellence, and Elegance in Luxury furniture, elevating Prestige & Exclusivity through Customisation

Different stitching techniques. On picture diamond stitching on one side and back with leather.

Underframe with leather – tan in picture, with stainless steel legs

Clio range by Amatozzi.

Enjoy your unique Amatozzi customisation with your name, the model, edition, year and range on your personalised furniture piece.

Living range

Create Your Customized Living Range.

Explore a wide selection of fabric and leather options, along with various stitching techniques. Our customisable lounges are tailored to suit your home’s style and preferences.

Bed range

Discover our diverse bed range featuring headboards that perfectly match our bedside tables, crafted from high-quality fabric and leather, as well as our collection of unique cushions, showcasing various designs and stitching techniques, combining leather and fabric for a luxurious touch.

Manufactured locally in Australia

  • Decades of experience in the furniture industry
  • Locally based in Artarmon, Sydney New South Wales
  • Our team are the Ex Parker People™

What does Amatozzi mean?

Amato is derived from the Italian language, signifying endearment and beloved while “OZZI” is a representation of our proud Australian designed and manufactured products.

Amatozzi is inspired by Italian designs, tailored for you. Elevate your space with our luxury furniture, designed to reflect your unique style.

Who are the Ex Parker people?

With our team trained by industry experts and the invaluable guidance of our Parker furniture people, we continue the tradition of innovation and excellence.

Parker furniture was the biggest and most-sought after furniture brand in Australia.

With 4 of our staff from Parker furniture, we are the original and duly registered trademark of the“Ex Parker People”.

Where can I buy?

Get in touch with our furniture experts for an appointment at our Artarmon showroom and bring your design dreams to life with Amatozzi.